Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan

Working for Gillingham's future

Our mission is to make Gillingham a better place in which to live by building on what we have already achieved and making the best use of what we already have.

Ten themes have been identified and we want to make sure that the Neighbourhood Plan fulfils people's aspirations under theses headings:

  • Affordable and sustainable housing
      • A quality built and natural environmen
  • Economy
      • A flourishing and diverse economy, with a wide range of jobs and training opportunities.
  • Environment
      • Enabling people to live in an environmentally friendly way.
  • A vibrant and safe community
      • Low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. A sense of community identity.
  • Access and transport
      • Good transport services and communication linking people to jobs, schools, health and other services.
  • Health and wellbeing
      • High quality local health care and social services.
  • Sport and culture
      • Opportunities for cultural, leisure, community, sport and other activities.
  • Children and young people
      • Well-performing local schools, further and higher education facilities.
  • Older people
      • A good range of opportunities for older people to play an active part in community life.
  • Governance
      • Effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership.

A Public Consultation Event was held on 22 October 2012 at RiversMeet, the town's leisure centre, attended by invitees representing statutory bodies such as the Police and Fire Services, businesses, landlords, developers, local organisations and local parish councils. Two workshops took place during the morning. In the first, aims for Gillingham's future were established; at the second, delegates discussed ways in which these aims could be delivered. During the afternoon the public were invited to drop in to see the results of the morning's workshops, to see the responses to the Town Plan questionnaire, to ask questions about the Neighbourhood Plan and to make comments.

The next step is to come back to the community with ways in which the many suggestions that have been made might actually be realised. We have to bear in mind that any proposals must be practicable, realistic projects with adequate funding and a sustainable future.