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Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan

Working for Gillingham's future

Download Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan (Submission version)

The version of the Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan (GNP) that will be submitted to North Dorset District Council will be available on this page once the document is complete.   (click here)


Supporting documents

Other documents that will be submitted in support of the GNP will be available from links on this page once the documents have been completed;

Neighbourhood Plan Area (click here)

Consultation Stastement (click here)

Basic Conditions Statement (click here)

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Determination (click here)


Gillingham Town Design Statement:

A 108-page document describing the built and natural environment of the town can be downloaded at  Hard copies of the Town Design Statement are available for viewing in the Town Hall and in the Library.   The document identifies what is best about design in Gillingham and what is considered not to have been appropriate for the town. It has covered every aspect of design and layout and has the potential for being a blueprint for future planning. It was adopted as an evidence-based study by NDDC in March 2012 and will be regarded as a contributory part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan area:

A map showing the area that will be covered by the Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan can be downloadedat

Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan vision:

The final report on the visioning workshop held on 22nd October 2012 can be downloaded to view here

We Made That Refelections Report

We Made That were commissioned by Gingko Projects on behalf of Dorset Wildlife Trust in August 2012 to work with the Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Group (GNPG) in the role of Artist/ Creative Facilitator. We Made That worked with GNPG in this role during a period of visioning and draft Neighbourhood Plan development between August 2012 and March 2013.  This report documents the research undertaken as part of this role, including activities and findings and makes recommendations for how these may be taken forward.   The report can be viewed here